When you retire, there are a few options available to you regarding your super. What you choose to do will depend on your situation at retirement.

There are 4 broad scenarios that could apply:

1. You need to start drawing a regular income

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2. You need to access a lump sum

For example, you might want to pay off your mortgage, but a new car or help your kids out

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3. A combination of needing a lump sum and drawing a regular income

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4. None of the above

For example, you might be happy to live off your savings or other income such as rent from an investment property, or your spouse might have an income that you are both able to live off.

If this is you, you might choose to leave your super where it is and not touch it for now. You don’t have to take your super as soon as you retire.

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It’s time to choose your adventure. Click on each coloured button above to access more information about the different scenarios!

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