Everyone is different.

The risks you’re prepared to take, the time you’ve got to invest and the way you plan to spend your money in retirement all work together to shape your personal investment style.

Do you know your investment style?

Log into the secure area of the website to take the quiz (accumulation members only) or call our Helpline on 1300 307 844 to find your investor profile.

Your investment style

You can take our quiz online in the secure area of the website (accumulation members only) or call our Helpline on 1300 307 844 to find out your investment style.

Once you know you investment style, or ‘investor profile’, it’s easy to find an investment option that fits your goals without keeping you awake at night.

Choose from our 4 pre-made investment choices, create your own investment mix from across the 4 choices or see the mixes below which may have similar goals to the different investment styles.

Remember that you need to consider what is right for you. The mixes below could inspire you to start thinking about what option or options might suit you.

Now you know your investor profile...

…start thinking about how you’d like to invest your super.


Remember, if you are unsure about making a choice, please call our Helpline on 1300 307 844 or speak to your financial adviser.

If you want to see more about how the below investment choice mixes are made up and how you might expect them to perform, view the Investment Targets page.

The investment mixes shown here do not take into account your personal situation or needs.

  • Very confident
  • Confident
  • Slightly confident
  • Slightly cautious
  • Cautious
  • Very cautious

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