We operate as a profit-for-members fund, meaning that as a member you will always be our first priority.

Can I join?

To join ElectricSuper, you must be working for a company in the electricity supply industry such as SA Power Networks, ElectraNet, Engie or AGL.

When you are a member of ElectricSuper, your spouse can also join.

Our member benefits

ElectricSuper members enjoy a range of benefits and services designed to make the most of their super, including:

  • Low admin fees
  • Competitive long term investment performance
  • Diversified investment options and insurance benefits
  • Personalised face-to-face service from ElectricSuper staff
  • A ‘fund for life’ – stay with ElectricSuper when you change employers or retire
  • Over-the-phone financial advice

SuperRatings Quality Assurance

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, SuperRatings gave the ElectricSuper Accumulation Scheme a ‘Gold’ rating and recognises us as “a good value for money fund”.

We were also given an ‘excellent’ rating for our low fee structure. Other strengths include our emphasis on phone and face-to-face communication with members, as well as good administration and corporate governance.

SuperRatings is an independent consulting company which reviews most of the bigger super funds in Australia.

Joining ElectricSuper

We are proud to be a super fund for life. When you become a member with us, you can remain a member even if you leave the industry.

Become a member

Your employer may give you a ‘Standard choice’ form (or you can download the form from the link below) and fill in your contact details and member number before giving to your new employer.  Compliance information for ElectricSuper is also shown below.

Spouse membership

As an ElectricSuper member, you can open an account for your spouse so they can enjoy the ElectricSuper benefits of low fees, great performance and optional extras. When your spouse is a member, their employer can pay their super into this account and you can also help grow their balance by contributing to their account as easily as to your own.

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Make the most of your super

Investment options

Simplify your super by taking advantage of our pre-set investment options, or mix and match for a customised selection. Whatever your timeframe and financial objectives, we can help you select the mix that is best for you. Use our planning tool to find out what type of investor you are.

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Investment performance

Compare the performance of our pre-set investment options and watch your super grow. We can help make sure you’ve invested in the right options for your timeframe and are on track to meet your financial goals.

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We take pride in our transparency so our members can keep track of their savings. With low fees and no hidden costs, our members can be confident they’re getting the most out of their super.

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Member services

Your super is important but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team are dedicated to simplifying your super by providing personalised services to help you understand your options so you can make the most of your super.

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What's next?

Planning tools

Understand your finances and make the right choices for your super.

Forms & publications

Everything you need to find out about and make changes to your super.

About us

Find out about us and meet the people running ElectricSuper.

What our members say

“I gained a better understanding of my current superannuation position, other superannuation products available to me & general retirement options.”


We’re here to guide you through your journey with super, helping you reach your financial goals. From planning and growing, to getting your super, you can find all the information and resources you need to make the changes that suit you.

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