Whether you’re changing jobs, or leaving the workforce entirely, you can stay with ElectricSuper and enjoy the benefits of being a retained ElectricSuper member!

You can have…



Wait, there’s more reasons to stay…


  • Insurance cover (for death, invalidity and disability income) for most member up to age 60
  • Increase your balance with future contributions – from you or your new employer (including employers outside the electricity industry) or rollovers from your other super funds
  • An affordable account-based pension product when you retire (with capped admin fees and competitive investment returns)

Staying with ElectricSuper is easy


If you are in the Accumulation Scheme (Division 5) you don’t need to do a thing. You super balance is automatically transferred to the retained section when you leave your employer.

If you are in the Defined Benefit part of ElectricSuper (Division 2, 3 or 4) simply choose the “Retain in Division 5” option on your benefit payment forms. In all cases, we will contact you to confirm your ongoing ElectricSuper membership conditions.

If your new employer needs ElectricSuper compliance information to direct your ongoing super contributions into your ElectricSuper account, you can give them the scheme compliance information document.

If you need help

For assistance or information on super contributions splitting please call ElectricSuper on 1300 307 844 or

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