Our simple guide shows you exactly what to give your new employer. Even if you’re exiting the industry or leaving the workforce entirely, you can still enjoy the benefits of being a retained member.

How your new employer can pay into ElectricSuper

Download the choice of fund form below and fill in your contact details and ElectricSuper member number before giving to your new employer. Compliance information for ElectricSuper is also shown below.

Becoming a retained member

When you change jobs or leave the workforce entirely, as an ElectricSuper member, you will continue to pay no admin fees, have access to all the same investment options offered to active members and you can even keep Death, Total and Permanent Disablement or Income Protection Insurance (though your cover may change. See our Insurance for Retained Member page for information.).

If you are in the Division 5, you will automatically transfer to the retained section. If you are in the Division 2, 3 or 4, simply choose the option ‘Retain in Division 5’ on your benefit payment form.

This is the case whether you work full-time, part-time or casually. It also applies if you have a second job – your second employer can contribute to ElectricSuper for you too. Just give your new employer a Standard Choice form nominating ElectricSuper as your preferred super fund to get them started making contributions for you.

Transferring employment

If you transfer employment to work for the SA Government, you can choose to become a retained member in ElectricSuper and enjoy the ongoing benefits of investment choice, no admin fees on your retained benefit and continued insurance through ElectricSuper, or you can roll your funds to Super SA. You need to check the conditions of the transfer carefully before accepting a transfer offer.

If you transfer to another employer, even if they are interstate, your new employer can pay into your retained Division 5 (Accumulation) account. Give them a Standard Choice Form to get started. If you are in the Lump Sum, Pension or RG Scheme and wish to maintain your entitlement in that scheme, you will need to speak to your new employer and make sure they are willing to pick up the employer cost and obligations that go along with a defined benefit scheme.

If you are in a defined benefit scheme (Division 2, 3 or 4), the decision to roll your super to another division if you are transferring between electricity providers (for example, from SA Power Networks to ElectraNet) will depend on what division of ElectricSuper you are in and what conditions you were employed under. Speak to us on 1300 307 844 for more information.

Benefits of staying with us

There are so many great reasons to stay:

  • The same high performing investment options
  • No admin fees for non-pension accounts
  • Great access to personal service
  • Financial advice options
  • Insurance cover for death, invalidity and disability income for most members up to age 60
  • Grow your super with contributions from you or your new employer, even if they’re outside the electricity industry
  • Access to our Retirement Income Stream when you retire

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What else should I do?

When you change jobs, you may wish to make changes to protect your income and keep your finances on track. If you’re transitioning to a retained membership, you should note the differences to your available insurance options.

Income protection insurance

If you’re moving from being an active member to a retained member, you should note the differences to your income protection insurance options. You can find out more about income protection benefits and premiums for active and retained members here.

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Death & TPD insurance

If transitioning from active membership to retained membership, you should note the differences to your death & TPD insurance options. You can find out more about levels of cover available to you, as well as how benefits and premiums are calculated for active and retained members here.

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What our members say

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My life changes

As your life changes, you may wish to make changes to your options to protect your family and secure your finances. Major life events such as getting married, having a child, taking out a mortgage may all be reasons for you to consider your options.

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