ElectricSuper was established for people working in the electricity supply industry in South Australia.

But we know that life changes and there are opportunities around every corner. While you might be working in the industry now, it might not be forever.

Just because your job changes, it doesn’t mean that your super has to.

Keep your super with ElectricSuper

Not only can you keep your super with us when you leave the industry, but your new employer can make contributions to ElectricSuper for you. You can also keep contributing with your own money. It means you can continue to get all the benefits of ElectricSuper, including no admin fees, competitive investment options and access to Death, TPD and income protection insurance.

It also means your super stays together, which is one less thing to worry about.

How do I stay?

Easy! Give your new employer the Standard Choice of Fund form to get your contributions coming in.

Your member number will stay the same and you can still log into the secure area of the website to view your super details 24/7. Your insurance cover may change slightly, but we’ll write to let you know the details.

If you are in an older-style defined benefit scheme (such as Division 2 Lump Sum, Division 3 Pension or Division 4 Retirement Gratutities (RG) Scheme), simply choose to ‘Retain in Division 5’ on your benefit payment form.

How can I get my new employer to pay into ElectricSuper?

It’s easy. Download the Standard Choice of Fund form, fill it out and hand it to your new payroll office.

You can also provide them the Compliance Letter to make it even more straightforward.

Anything else?

Actually, yes, now you mention it. Make sure your contact details with us are up-to-date when you leave your electricity employer. By making sure we have the right email address to reach you, you’ll continue to receive updates and news from us.

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